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Why are we investing in HS2?

HS2 and High Speed North will turbo-charge rail’s role in levelling up Britain’s economy and getting the nation to net zero carbon emissions. Taken together, these vital investments will improve today’s railway and, through seamless integration with the existing tracks, build a reimagined rail network for the next 100 years.

High Speed North will increase capacity and improve reliability while bringing the north of England closer together and build on the roll out of new trains across the region. HS2 will mean more frequent local services on existing lines, less road congestion with more freight going by rail and faster, and more punctual journeys between many parts of the country.

Find out more on the HS2 website.

What is HS2 doing to benefit the environment?

HS2 will provide a low carbon alternative to car and plane travel. In 2030, emissions per passenger kilometre on HS2 will be 7x less than passenger cars and 17x less than domestic air travel.

As the electricity that powers HS2 train becomes renewable, using HS2 will become a zero-carbon way to travel. Furthermore, by releasing capacity to run more local trains, which themselves are a green way to travel, HS2 will take take even more cars off the road.

Altogether, when the full HS2 network is running and the capacity on existing lines is released, it will reduce car travel by 1.2 million miles every day.

Find out more on the HS2 website.

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