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Is it cheaper to fly or drive rather than take a train on some journeys? 

Car travel isn’t cheaper than train travel.  

When it comes to air travel, on many long-distance routes, train companies compete directly for passengers  and price tickets accordingly.  

In the case of cars, few comparisons of price take into account costs like insurance and the depreciation in a car’s value. The average price per mile paid for a train journey is 25p compared to a cost of 45p per mile for cars, according to government estimates.  

When comparing rail to air travel, it’s necessary to factor in the cost of travel to and from the airport at each end of a journey – petrol and car parking fees, for example.  

Also, headline grabbing comparisons often look at the most expensive train tickets when cheaper options, like off-peak or advance fares, are available. Nevertheless, we are calling on government to change rail fare regulations so that we can offer a simpler, better value range of fares.  

Find out more about our calls for easier fares. 

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