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Supporting the Northern Powerhouse

Northern Powerhouse

Big Changes in 2020

Passengers, communities and businesses in the North will benefit from big changes happening on our railway.

New trains

New trains

  • 220 new Nova carriages by May 2020 on TransPennine Express
  • New trains on Merseyrail from 2020 that can carry 50% more passengers
  • Refurbished trains on the West Coast by the end of 2020
  • 65 new Azuma trains on LNER will be rolled out by June 2020
  • 101 new Northern trains worth £500m and 243 refurbished trains coming throughout 2019 and 2020
  • Five new trains for Hull Trains passengers, worth £60 million from late 2019
Railway upgrades

Stations, tracks, depots

  • Merseyrail infrastructure upgrades including track, platforms, power supplies and depots at Kirkdale and Birkenhead North
  • Northern has installed more than 600 touch screen ticket machines, making it easier to get the right ticket
  • New stations opening at Warrington West and Horden
  • TransPennine Express will continue introducing mobile touch screen information points at all stations
Train Wi-Fi


  • Merseyrail working with 7,000 students in 2020 on rail safety and careers within the rail industry
  • First TrenItalia committing to £70 million for free on train Wi-Fi and 5G capability
  • Northern launched All Right, a railway suicide prevention scheme
  • LNER planted more than 2,800 trees in partnership with the Carbon Trust
Train upgrade work

Major upgrade work

  • £13 billion commitment to transform transport in the North
  • £460 million programme of investment, managed by Merseytravel
  • Over 100 platforms will be extended at more than 70 stations
  • Extra platform at Leeds station

People across the North support rail companies’ proposals for change

The rail industry recognise the need for big changes, that's why together we submitted proposals for a radical alternative to the current franchising system to the independently-chaired Williams review looking into the future of Britain's railway. We proposed for a more customer focussed, joined-up and accountable railway.

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