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In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity

In Partnership

In 2017, the rail industry launched ‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’ its long-term plan to change and improve. The plan was underpinned by four commitments to secure a stronger economy, better customer journeys, boost local communities and deliver more rewarding jobs on the railway.
While we continue to work hard to deliver big improvements today, we also recognise that the system is under strain, and last summer’s ambitious but ultimately disruptive timetable change is an example.
That’s why we want to go further, and are working together to put forward proposals for bigger, once-in-a-generation changes to unlock greater improvement for the next 25 years. These will be launched in the Spring in a submission to the ongoing Williams Rail Review – which we had long been calling for, and welcome the government’s initiation of.

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Our four commitments to
change and improve


Strengthen the railway’s contribution to the economy, keeping running costs in the black, freeing up taxpayers’ money


Increase customer satisfaction by improving the railway to remain the top-rated major railway in Europe


Boost local communities through localised decision-making and investment


Create more jobs, increase diversity and provide our employees with rewarding careers

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The main benefit for us passengers is that we get investment from both the public and the private sector in trains and track, making services more reliable for passengers.
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Anthony Smith
Chief executive, Transport Focus

Anthony Smith Chief executive Transport Focus

What ‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’
will deliver for Britain:

achieved so far.

  • Customers can now use mobile phones as tickets on seven out of 10 journeys by the end of 2018
  • Publication of to-the-minute rail performance figures every month
  • Network Rail and train companies working together locally as one railway, with shared goals for customers
  • Launch of an independent ombudsman, to rule complaints
  • Local supervisory boards across all routes in England and Wales, giving customers and communities a stronger voice
  • Investing more than £250m per year in our workforce training
  • Growing the next generation of drivers – led by the new National Train Driver Academy and wider training partners
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A strong railway links to a strong economy, which is why Britain cannot afford to go back to the days of rail deficits acting as a lag on public funds. That’s why “in partnership for Britain’s prosperity” includes our commitment to keep operations costs in the black in line with government expectations.
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Paul Plummer
CEO, Rail Delivery Group

Paul Plummer CEO Rail Delivery Group

And this is just the start. ‘In Partnership for Britain’s Prosperity’ will drive lasting change across the industry, benefitting our customers, our employees and the nation, now and for the long-term.

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