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Putting things right

Rail companies work together to run train services on time and are committed to improving punctuality and reliability. When things do go wrong, we’re sorry and we want everyone to get the compensation they’re entitled to. Passengers who are delayed for at least 30 minutes, and increasingly for at least 15 minutes on the majority of routes, can claim compensation as a proportion of their train ticket, no matter what caused the delay.

Rail companies have been working hard to make it easier and quicker to claim compensation:

  • More passengers than ever are aware of their right to compensation, with the number of customers claiming Delay Repay increasing by 75% in the last three years.
  • Last year around £79 million was paid back to customers under the Delay Repay scheme.
  • Faster ‘one-click’ automated claim systems, available via smartphones and smartcard registration are being rolled out.

In 2020, the rail industry will work with passenger groups to encourage more people to claim compensation and raise awareness of the arrangements.

What big changes do you want?

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