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Continually improving for customers

In 2020 the Rail Delivery Group will continue to work with the Department for Transport in a ground-breaking rail industry programme to help better understand the needs, expectations and frustrations of customers. This will help pinpoint how the rail industry´s five customer promises (set out below) are being met, by tracking how customers feel when travelling by rail.

The programme works by capturing and listening to weekly customer feedback at every stage of their rail journey, from pre-travel planning through to post-journey support and evaluation, identifying new ways to enhance customer experience.

The rail industry’s five customer promises

Put the customer in control

By providing real-time information, travel updates and greater choice, customers can make informed, confident decisions about their journey, especially if their plans change or unexpected disruption affects their journey

Ensure the customers is always feeling loved

Making customers feel safe, respected and supported, so they will enjoy traveling by train and feel reassured by how much they are valued as customers

Give the customer clear value

Simple pricing and clear communication will give customers a better understanding of where their money goes. We need to help them identify the best price for the right service and demonstrate clear value to choosing rail

Let the customer travel my way

Allowing customers to personalise their journey based on individual preferences gives them a greater sense of freedom and possibility. We want to make their travel experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible

Enable the customer to be always on

We help customers to live their increasingly connected lives, on the move, at their schedule, without inconvenience and with easy access to facilities and WiFi

What big changes do you want?

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